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Do’s and Don’t’s
Helpful Hints to Complete an Application

DON’T need to include every cold, runny nose and flu.

DO need to give details on major illnesses & surgeries, including where treated (hospital/facility name and town.)

DON’T need EXACT date; approximations will do. For example, “About 5 years ago I had my gall bladder removed” “My last exam was fall 2007.” NOTE: The insurance co. wants to know: Did this happen 2 weeks ago? 6 months ago? 2, 5, 10 or 20 years ago? There’s a BIG difference between 2 weeks and 20 years!

DO need to pay the first premium with the application. If completing a paper application, this means sending in a check for the first premium or completing the credit card info where applicable. (NOTE: Blue Cross does not have a credit card application for their paper apps. You MUST submit a check.) For online applications, the same rules apply.

DON’T answer ‘YES’ without giving all details. For example: Have you smoked cigarettes or used nicotine in the past 12 mos.? Answer: YES Details: smoke 1 pack of cigarettes per week. (They want to know do you smoke, chew, etc. and how often.) 

DO answer ALL questions Truthfully and Honestly, to the best of your ability.

DON’T exclude major claims even if NOT specifically asked about. Most companies ask, “In the past 10 years, have you ever been treated for ______?” However, they usually have an additional “catch-all” question that says, “In addition to what was listed above, have you EVER had any treatments for any other conditions.” You want to be honest and truthful about disclosing major claims and illnesses.

DO give yourself plenty of time to apply – it generally takes 3-4 weeks for applications to be approved. 

DON’T cancel your current coverage until you have been approved. 

1 of 4 things Can Happen…. 

When you apply for individual health insurance, one of four things can happen:  

  1. The policy can be issued “standard” at the price quoted without modifications to the policy.  However, in MOST cases, pre-existing conditions are not covered for 12 months.
  2. The policy can be issued with a rating – meaning they are charging you more money for your policy due to a medical condition or health risk, such as obesity.  Most people realize that an extra premium is charged for smokers than nonsmokers, for example.
  3. The policy can be issued with a Waiver or a Rider; these terms are interchangeable.  A company can put a waiver or rider on a condition and exclude any coverage for this condition for either a certain number of years (ie. 2 or 5 years) or forever (permanent waiver).  Many waivers can be reviewed over time and possibly removed.
  4. You are declined for coverage; meaning the insurance company does not want to insure you.  What do you do?  Don’t panic!   Just because one company doesn’t want you, doesn’t mean you are uninsurable.  Even if you are declined with more than one company, CB Health Insurance will tell you about options that are guaranteed to you regardless of your health.   Call us today for more info on alternatives!     





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